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Welcome to 1# Snapchat Hack/Spy Tool where you can get Videos, Pictures & Chat Logs of any snapchat account. We have largest leaked database of snapchat users and we keep updating DB daily.

To start, enter snapchat username of the account you want to spy on.


Choose what data you would like to get from targeted snapchat account. Videos, Pictures and Chat Logs are available features.


How to hack someones Snapchat

By using our hack you will be able to get access to any snapchat account available, we keep updating our database regulary so you can receive latest data. To hack someones snapchat password you will be required to enter username of the account you want to spy on, second step will as you to choose if you want to obtain chat logs, videos or pictures. Next step is waiting for the proccess to complete and in just few minutes you will be able to see data you selected ready for download.

Snapchat Spy

Spying on someones snapchat account has never been easier, even non tech person can follow these straightforward steps and be able to spy on any snapchat account out there. This snapchat hacker is 100% reliable and effective, by using proxy feature you will be even more anonymous while using snapchat hacks. Our Snapchat spy app is using unique platform developed by our programming team which will make hacking steps as fast as possible. If you have some trouble feel free to contact us.

How Snapchat Hacker works?

Many people are wondering how to hack snapchat but the solution is right here on , website is fully optimized for Android and iOS devices which will make hacking operation as smooth as possible. We are not responsible for anything you do with data by using snapchat hacker.

Is it legal to Hack Snapchat

Technically you are not hacking snapchat passwords, we are the ones who have hacked data of 95% acc's by using snapexploit you are 100% safe. Sometimes bots start to abuse our hack so we implemented anti-bot protection but still we try to make it as free as possible which it is. There are other similar sites to this which claim to offer same features, these are scams and you should be carefull when accessing these websites.