Snapchat Hack

Welcome to Snapchat Hack/Spy Tool where you can get Videos, Pictures & Chat Logs of any snapchat account.

To start enter snapchat username of the account you want to spy on.


Choose what data you would like to obtain from targeted snapchat account. Videos, Pictures and Chat Logs are available features.


How to use Snapchat Hack app

To use snaphack APP you need to first enter the username of the account you want to be hacked, then select features that you want to use, in topic bellow we will explain what each feature means in detail. After you selected which features you want make sure you click on the button bellow. When the hacking process starts make sure you wait for it to finish, it can take up to a minute to complete. Sometimes you may trigger Human Verification feature that we implemented in an effort to combat SPAM/BOTS that abuse our hack. We will request from you to complete a survey to finish the hacking process.

Snapchat Spy Tool

To use snapchat spy function we recommend using only 2 features, and these are; Download pics, and chat logs. That way the victim will not notice anything unusual going on with their snapchat account. Snapchat spying on someone is completely undetected and everything is done via hundreds of proxies on our server. To activate snapchat spy feature you only need to turn ON 2 features that we mentioned above. Snapchat spying app is very complex and require full time maintaining, we are different from others because when Snapchat release patch to prevent tools like this to work we instantly work on foxes that keep this tool running smooth with 100% functionality.

How Snapchat Hacker works?

Our Snapchat hacker online version works via internal software that we implemented in .php language, it's a complex system that we managed to automate and bring to people easy to use online platform that anyone can use without much knowledge. We update snapchat hacker every day with new exploits and we are working on new features as well. There are many Snapchat hacks similar to this one but they are 90% of the time outdated and doesn't work. We run this on a large scale with 10 people behind this project.

How to hack someones snapchat password?

There are many other ways to do it not only via online hacking tool like this one. There are download type hacks like APK for Android, or .exe for PC. But it's dangerous because these are likely to contain some sort of virus or adware which can be very hard to remove. Many people want to know how to hack someones snapchat but they are not looking in right direction, simple google search will bring many results on snapchat hack topic. The snapchat hack for android is also very popular and it's one of safest. Also we forgot to mention about iOS Hack as well.

Snapchat Score Hack

If you are interested in using snapchat score hack then only turn that feature on and turn off others because you will be using it for your own snapchat account. The reason why we implemented score hacking is because we received a lot of requests by our members to make such thing.

Snapchat Password Hack Feature

Password hack is one of the most popular features, and we implemented special kind of hack which is undetected and targeted victim will not be able to notice it. Snapchat security system will not be able to detect it as well. Even if they detect such activity they won't be able to trace back because we use strong encryption and anonymous servers as well as proxies around the world. So you don't have to be careful when using password hacking option its pretty straightforward.

Snapchat Hack No Survey Tools

These 100% free hacks without survey are much likely to contain virus or other harmful scripts so you must be careful and choose right one. The reason why we included survey in our system is because it's much convenient way then requiring you to pay via Credit Card or PayPal which some of the services do. This is much easier way and almost free, the PIN Surveys are the easies ones to complete and you just need to send SMS. We have very large expenses on servers, proxies, maintaining software and platform... We have web developing team that we need to keep paying on a monthly basis, we hope you understand now why we require you to complete survey.


There are other ways to hack snapchat that are free, but these are complicated things that only expert in IT Security and Hacking field would be able to understand and to perform such operation. That's why we created this online platform so anyone can use it without any knowledge in IT Field. This is your best bet because these days it's hard to find working hack because snapchat went on a patching spree and fixed almost all of their security problems but we are always up to date and will continue updating our system so that hack tool always work as well as all features that we offer.